The smallest vase / Jarróncito

Small pot. High temp. stoneware, blue glaze. Wonderful texture.


Pequeña vasija, o jarrón.

Gres de alta temperatura, esmalte azul. Linda textura, no?
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Vaso de gres alta temperatura, esmalte con plata
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I still love flowers (and a minimal pot)

Very small pot, just enough so that I could paint this flower using mineral pigments and the Argentine techique "fileteado criollo"
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Jam dish

Small bowl, ideal to serve jam or cheese.
Stoneware with high temp. mineral green glaze
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A few bowls

These are a series of the same bowls, with different glazes.
Stoneware with high temp. glazes.
Great for salads, pies and ice cream.
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Cooking pot

Direct heat clay. Transparent glazing applied only to the outside.
It really transforms the food you cook in this pot. Wonderful.
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I love flowers

Smallish bowl. Clay with with glazing and hand painted decoration using mineral pigments.
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